Youth Ambassador Program (YAP)

The Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) is open to any middle or high school aged individual interested in helping to further REPS' mission in the youth community. The goals of the YAP are bringing community awareness, building support, and breaking the stigma.

Like-minded youth meet regularly to cultivate relationships and collaborate on various community awareness projects involving suicide prevention.
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Anna Allsberry

For more information or ways to get involved with this program, please contact Anna Allsberry, by clicking the link below.
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Community Awareness Project

"Stop & Smell the Flowers" Youth Art Exhibit
This Community Awareness Project was designed in an effort to create a safe space for youth to come together to express on canvas their own emotions and mental health journey.

Loisa O'Reilly

My name is Loisa O'Reilly and I am going to be a freshman next year. Making this painting was so fun and I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes if they invited me again. While painting we had a speaker playing music, all talking and just having a great time. Overall during the couple hours we worked on our projects which made me feel very calm, happy and I left in a good mood.

Delia Reynolds

Hi my name is Delia Reynolds and I will be a freshman at Steamboat Mountain School. This experience with the REPS program has made me realize how much one painting changed my view on many things in life, such as stress and anxiety. I have struggled with both. While painting this I was able to let go and not have to worry about messing up or being judged for my piece of art, allowing me to create this beautiful masterpiece that reflects who I am and not who I am pressured to be.

Whitney Warnke

My name is Whitney Warnke and I am going to be a freshman at SSHS. This was my first experience with REPS and I thought it was awesome. It was an amazing space to work in and everyone was so nice and supportive. While making this painting I was able to just let loose and let my creativity take the lead. I didn't have to worry about what other people thought and that made me very happy.

Baylee Walker | SOLD

Hey everyone my name is Baylee Walker! I was born and raised in Steamboat Springs. This artwork has allowed me to have a fun way to talk and learn about mental health. It's been a great way to get to know other people in my community and grow together. This project has made me realize the importance of releasing my feelings and connecting with other members of my community in fun ways! Thank you!

Layla Hammond-Furst

Hi my name is Layla Hammond-Furst! I live in Steamboat Springs and go to the high school here. Making this artwork has been a great way for me to express my creative side. It's been a great way to connect and explore my mental health. This project has made me feel liberated by releasing my feelings and connecting with other members of the Youth Ambassador Program!

Fiona Mandle

My name is Fiona Mandle and I am going to be a freshman at Steamboat Springs High School this fall. This was my first experience with the REPS Youth Ambassador Program and I have nothing but good things to say about making art for this organization. It was very relaxing and freeing to be able put all my thoughts and emotions into making art without limits.

Finley Fontaine

While making this piece, I expressed my feelings through the colors I used. Initially, I wanted to use light, spring-like colors, but eventually my piece was made with dark, deeper colors. For me, this can symbolize how life doesn’t always work out the way you plan it to, and new paths open up even better opportunities.

Grace O’Reilly

Hey there my name is Grace O’Reilly! I'm a high school student in Steamboat Springs and a member of YAP. Making this artwork has been an adventure for me. It's been a journey of self-discovery, where I've explored the ups and downs of my mental health. This project has made me feel empowered by releasing my feelings onto a canvas, letting go of control, and embracing a sense of healing and growth.